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Manuel Reyes 1980 - Blanca

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    I want to introduce the Manuel Reyes 1980 guitar, a true masterpiece that has been extremely difficult to find. This guitar was a part of a private collection and was not available on the market for years. The sound of this guitar is truly remarkable, with a throaty dry quality that builds and releases with each note. It possesses a unique sweet, beautiful, lyrical sound that can be felt with every note you play. What sets this Reyes guitar apart from others is its exceptional playability. The string height on the bass side is set at 2.5mm at the 12th fret and 7.5mm at the bridge, providing a low action without any buzzing. Even when playing hard rajeos, the guitar produces a fantastic overdriven sound, reminiscent of the sizzle found in Vicente Amigo's Reyes. Crafted from exquisite materials, this guitar boasts a soundboard with bear claw in the spruce and cypress back and sides that are both creamy and beautiful. Overall, the Manuel Reyes 1980 guitar is a rare gem that any guitarist would be lucky to add to their collection


    Top: German Spruce

    Back and sides: Spanish Cypress

    Scale: 655mm

    Finish: French polish

    Tuners: Fustero machines

    String height at the 12th fret: 2.5mm bass side

    Saddle height: 7.5mm

    Nut width: 53mm

    String distance at nut: 44mm between 1st and 6th string

    String distance at saddle: 57mm between 1st and 6th string

    Weight: 1368g / 3.01lbs


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