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Gerundino Fernandez 1962 - Blanca

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    A very rare find, this blanca is one of Gerundinio's earliest examples. Sound wise, it's got a very sweet honey/woody organic tone. It's very resonant due to a light build. Playability is great, low action with a little sizzle. Along with a 658mm scale length, this instrument is a great choice for long hours of play, gigs, no cejilla, etc. Materials are very high quality. The condition of the guitar is exceptional, with no cracks.


    Curiously the label displays Gerundino spelled with a "J" instead of a "G". We contacted his son to confirm that this was truly his build. Gerundino hijo confirmed that this guitar was built by his father. He also stated that in the sixties, Gerundino would sometimes use this label.


    Top: German Spruce

    Back and sides: Spanish Cypress

    Scale: 658mm

    Finish: French polish

    Tuners: Schaller GrandTune Classic Hauser with snake wood buttons

    String height at the 12th fret: 3.0mm bass side

    Saddle height: 8.0mm

    Nut width: 50mm

    String distance at nut: 44mm between 1st and 6th string

    String distance at saddle: 58mm between 1st and 6th string

    Weight: 1323g / 2.91lbs

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