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Lester Devoe 1982 - Blanca

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    This Devoe blanca is extraordinary. Simply one of the best, if not the best guitar I've ever played. Built the same year that Sabicas had Lester build him one. The sound is powerful, aged, open and hollow. The resonance this guitar has is exquisite, every note, rajeo, picado, etc. is felt. The finish is flawless, materials are top grade. Pegs are in smooth working order, they tune with precision and accuracy only using the left hand. Playability is optimal, low action and no string buzz just a very clean sounding guitar. Condition is excellent, no cracks on this instrument.


    Top: German Spruce

    Back and sides: Spanish Cypress

    Scale: 660mm

    Finish: French Polish

    Tuners: Ebony Pegs

    String height at the 12th fret: 2.5mm

    Saddle height: 8.0mm

    Nut width: 52mm

    String distance at nut: 44mm between 1st and 6th string

    String distance at saddle: 60mm between 1st and 6th string

    Weight: 1101g / 2.42lbs

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