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Lester Devoe 1993 - Blanca

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    This blanca is very balanced, with an aged and open sound. The basses are powerful and tight, trebles are creamy. Playability is top notch. You can play this guitar for hours and not get any cramps. Many players and dealers only want Devoe guitars from 2007 and up. That they are supposed to be "better than his older guitars" well I say they are very wrong. This 93 is a beast, just an excellent guitar from a fabulous maker. Lester makes great guitars, from all eras.


    Top: German Spruce

    Back and sides: Cypress

    Scale: 656mm

    Finish: Laquer

    Tuners: Ebony Pegs

    String height at the 12th fret: 2.75mm bass side

    Saddle height: 7mm

    Nut width: 53mm

    String distance at nut: 44mm

    String distance at saddle: 60mm

    Weight: 1224g / 2.7lbs

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