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Lester Devoe 2017 - Negra

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    This custom-built Lester Devoe negra is a one of a kind. It has a matte finish on the neck, which provides a feel and smoothness like none other. The cedar soundboard is spectacular, fine grain, covered with silk that only appears when the top is perfectly split. The back and sides were chosen from many sets as the lightest. The sound is spectacular, you can feel every note resonate. The trebles are vibrant and the basses very punchy. The action is perfect, low and tight on the right while easy and comfortable for the left. The pegs are so easy to use that you can tune up by only using your left hand. Lester has been working at his craft for a long time now, he truly is a maestro. Condition is new, built in December of 2017.



    Top: Canadian Red Cedar

    Back and sides: Indian Rosewood

    Scale: 655mm

    Finish: Lacquer

    Tuners: Ebony Pegs

    String height at the 12th fret: 2.75mm

    Saddle height: 8.0mm

    Nut width: 54mm

    String distance at nut: 44mm between 1st and 6th string

    String distance at saddle: 60mm between 1st and 6th string

    Weight: 1376g / 3.03lbs

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